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358                               MFE  OF
The court and the administration returned from.
BLdnigsberg to Berlin in December, 1809. Hmnboldt
was expected on his journey to visit Frankfurt-on-
the-Oder on the 18th, but it is doubtful whether he
did so; the king and queen made their entry into
Berlin on the 23rd.
Before leaving Konigsberg7Humboldt had requested
leave of absence to repair to Thuringia, and arrange
family matters/ His father-in-law, Herr von Dachero-
den, had died in the course of the year. Frau von
Humboldt was the sole heiress, as a brother she had3
had died in 1806. The considerable inheritance which
fell to her share consisted principally of the estates of
Burgomer and ^uLeben, on which she had passed a
great part of her youth, and the first years of her
married life. The eldest son of this marriage received
the royal permission to add the arms of the now ex-
tinct family name to his own.
On this journey Humboldt visited Goethe, in Wei-
mar, and professor Hell, in Halle. The latter was a
celebrated naturalist and physician^ as well as a most
enlightened and liberal-minded man5 and was almost
indispensable to such an undertaking as the new uni-
versity. Humboldt, therefore, offered him. an appoint-
ment in it, which he accepted, and soon afterwards
removed from the Westphalian university to Berlin.
On the 26th January, 1810, Humboldt returned to
Berlimu His family stpl remained in Italy. Soon
after his departure from !Ronae, he was gladdened by
the news of the birth of a son, who received the name
of Hermann. He was the second of Ms sons who sur-
vived, and the youngest of his children. Frau von
Humboldt lived alternately in Rome and Wa/ples3 and
remained in constant intercourse with the artists wlxo
frequented the former city, even when, after tine
axrival of Cornelius and O verbeck, the romantic ca/tiŠ3ic
tendencies prevailed. She wrote to a friend at thi&
time : " I like them &H, witether they are new or old
catholics, if they axe only good artists and good men.
I most indeed count some caiihoijte converts among.